Frequently Asked Questions

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SimplySili Labels are made from 100% food grade silicone that are FDA compliant. It is 100% non toxic and free of lead, BPA, phthalate and latex.

SimplySili labels are thick, durable and wont break nor loosen easily. Just do not overstretch nor pull it to it maximum stretch like what some would do with a normal red rubber band. 

All labels are personalised and made to order in singapore.

SimplySili labels are designed to fit most standard baby bootles, sippy cups, children water bottles, small food containers, and thermoses. To be precise, they would make a nice fit for bottles and containers within 18cm to 26cm circumference. 

The labels can fit larger circumference, however do note that the engraved name will be stretched out. 

Do note, they do not fit Dr.Brown's 4oz standard bottle or narrow neck bottles as they are too slim. They do fit standard 8oz bottles and other wide neck varieties.

SimplySili labels can simply be hand washed with warm soapy water. Alternatively, you may toss them into the dishwasher or steriliser (steam or boil only). It is recommended to dry clean with a towel to remove excess water in the engraved areas.

For day to day cleaning, you do not need to remove the labels from the bottles or containers. Just proceed with your normal cleaning routine. Dry the labels completely as water may get trapped underneath the labels. 

We do not recommend using UV steriliser as it may degrade the silicone over time. But not to worry, it will not produce any harmful reaction.

No. Each pack of SimplySili labels will include the same name/content on each label. 

You may consider getting a "party pack" which con sist of 10/15 individual labels which allows you to personalise 10/15 different names. 

If the circumference of your bottle or container is larger then 26cm, the label will be stretched out. However, you can adjust this by pulling the sides of the silicone label forward and towards to the name to read the engraved name clearly. 

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Yes discounts are available! 

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Party pack allows you to buy up to 10/15 individual labels with different names

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